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New on the Blogroll: The Norse Mythology Blog

Back in February, I wrote a post about the Icelandic perspective in Heathen thought, based on an interview with Johanna Haradottir. The interviewer, Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried, has a blog of his own, with other interviews as well as scholarly discussions … Continue reading

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Huginn 1.2: The Work

The midsummer 2011 issue of The Huginn has been published. This one covers the issue of the work with all that it entails and has a variety of viewpoints from different parts of the community. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about … Continue reading

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May Link Roundup

Some various links of interest: Therioshamanism has a great post up on Wolf and the Environment. On No Unsacred Place Junpier provides an interesting discussion about Bob Parsons’s killing of an elephant. Galina Krasskova has put up a rather interesting … Continue reading

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Therioshamanism Links

Recently Lupa on Therioshamanism began posting again and in the past few weeks has produced a set of really high quality and thoughtful articles on white, middle-class, American Shamanism, cultural appropriation, and people’s conception of the Natural and the Artificial. … Continue reading

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Huginn, Call for Submissions: The Work

For those interested, Huginn Journal has a Call for Submissions out for their next issue titled The Work. HUGINN is now accepting submissions for the Midsummer 2011 issue. Submissions are due by 1 June 2011. The Midsummer issue will deal … Continue reading

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No Unsacred Place

I’ve recently added the new blog No Unsacred Place to our blogroll here. Part of the Pagan Newswire Collective, No Unsacred Place explores the relationships between religion and science, nature and civilization from a diversity of modern Pagan perspectives. The … Continue reading

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Call For Submissions – Ancestor Veneration Anthology

Picked up from Syncretic Mystic: Asphodel Press Working Title: Calls to Our Ancestors Description: An anthology of prayers, poems, devotional pieces, essays, personal experience, and/or artwork in honor of our Ancestors. This anthology draws from a variety of sources and … Continue reading

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In Memory: Frank Buckles

The last American World War I veteran died yesterday, he was one of the three remaining survivors of World War I anywhere in the world. In order to enlist he lied about his age–saying he was 21 when he was … Continue reading

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An Icelandic Perspective

It is very easy to get caught up in interpretations and ‘my way is better than your way’ conversations here in America. It is part of our nation’s wyrd to be revolutionary, daring, take risks even when we shouldn’t. I … Continue reading

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When Scholarship and Practice Seem to Collide

In the Retrospective Methods Newsletter of December 2010, Rudolf Simek, a respected scholar of Norse mythology wrote an article “The Vanir: An Obituary”.  In that article, he deconstructs the meanings of the words with the vanir root. And through that … Continue reading

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