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Transgender Day of Remembrance, 2012

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Mixing Religion and Politics

As is the style in our United States, conversations about religion, religious values and how that qualifies or disqualifies a candidate for political office is part of the election season. The People for The American Way has gone to a … Continue reading

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July Link Roundup

Blueflamemagick has continued the Welcome To Your Mind series with entries on metta and jung wa thim rim. The last is a very potent version of the dissolution of the elements that I hadn’t seen before. Lupa wrote an excellent … Continue reading

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June Link Roundup

Cat on Quaker Pagan Reflections wrote a really interesting and insightful article on pagan values and the Affordable Care Act. Blue Flame Magick has posted an essay titled Welcome to Your Mind (Part I) based on a workshop that he … Continue reading

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CFS: Huginn 2.2: Ethics and Values

Volume 2, Issue 2 : ETHICS & VIRTUES HUGINN is now accepting submissions for the Midsummer 2012 issue. Submissions deadline is 1 June 2012. The Midsummer issue will deal with ETHICS & VIRTUES: living your values; ethics in myths, from … Continue reading

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February Link Roundup

For a summary of some of the discussion around PantheaCon, take a look at this link roundup. Some other essays and articles from around the web: On No Unsacred Place John replied to Lupa’s We Do Not Return To Nature, … Continue reading

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PantheaCon Gender Issues

As a followup to Biology Does Not and Must Not Equal Destiny I figured I would provide a few links about what was going on. Thorn Coyle has written a series of posts: Holding Beloved Community (along with Part 2 … Continue reading

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January Link Roundup

Why Spirit Workers Are Like Zombies discusses initiation for those of us who are spirit workers. Lupa has written an article that is highly relevant to readers of this blog titled We Do Not Return to Nature, We Are Already … Continue reading

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SOPA Strike

As a method of protesting SOPA and PIPA a number of websites have decided to go on strike today. Some of these sites are blacking out text, putting up banners, or tweeting others are going dark entirely for a period … Continue reading

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December Link Roundup

Dver over on A Forest Door has written two fascinating articles on Discernment and Discernment for God-Spouses. Also see Elizabeth Vongvisith’s response. POPVOX commemorated World AIDS Day with a list of bills related to HIV/AIDS Galina Krasskova has published a … Continue reading

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