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Administrative notes concerning the status of the site.

Some New Features

There have been a few improvements to Weaving Wyrd over the last couple of weeks that I wanted to flag in case people were visiting strictly through our syndication system. First and most importantly we’ve added a Services page that … Continue reading

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A Note To Spammers

Since I’ve seen a sudden increase in attempts to spam this site, I’m writing a note on what we do to protect against spammers. I don’t think any of the spammers read this site before sending their automated bots, but … Continue reading

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Post Frequency

One of the problems I have traditionally seen in sites like this one, that tread the border between blogs and essay sites is a matter of post frequency. Frequently we will see things such as a burst of activity followed … Continue reading

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Livejournal/Dreamwidth Syndication

For those who are going to follow us through some of the more common journaling systems, we now have feeds for both Livejournal and Dreamwidth. We also still have our RSS feed for your favorite readers. You can also see … Continue reading

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Welcome to Weaving Wyrd!

This site is a collaborative effort of several Pagans with varied backgrounds and experience in the Pagan community. We’ll be writing about various topics that interest us that pertain to modern day Paganism and Occultism. Three of the founding authors … Continue reading

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