About Hrafn

I am a Godaþegn and Spirit Worker in the service of Odin. I was raised in New Orleans in a liberal Episcopalian household and taught to question everything, later becoming a bit of a terror in the Roman Catholic religion classes that I had to take in High School. In 1998, after a rather entertaining school project, I converted to a variation of NeoAlexandrian Wicca, and while in Colorado for school was coven trained by Celtic Traditionalists.

After drifting toward Northern gods for a long time and practicing a variety of Norse Wicca for years, my priorities got rearranged in 2005 when a small storm blew through my hometown (you may have heard of it on the news). This lead to me moving (back) to Colorado, and–after receiving some personal gnosis on my direction–oathing myself to Odin the following Yule.

Since then I have found a teacher who is oathed to Freyja, and she helped put together a group which has been meeting regularly for over three years. We call ourselves Heimdrifandu, and we are a Northern European-focused Spirit Worker group that is open to those of variety of different paths and traditions.

My practice marks me as a Northern Tradition Heathen, though I am somewhat eclectic as to which precise Northern Tradition paths that I draw from. I have no large group affiliations at the moment, and while I was ordained by a Wiccan group in ~2003 and was at one point all-but-final-project on a 2nd degree, I no longer claim that title.

I predominantly work with Odin, Freyja, Eir, along with several of the Dökkálfar–though my job involves working with many others on a more sporadic basis. I also have a longstanding relationship with Coyote and Grandfather Raven.

Beyond that I have a fascination with mathematics, languages, philosophy, and psychology.

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