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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

By now everyone has heard about the massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan yesterday (our time). Charities that are mobilizing to help: Direct Relief International (Donate, this organization allows you to specifically earmark Japan and is … Continue reading

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Their Practices and Beliefs Do Not Matter

In Jack Kornfield’s Living Dharma–a collection of teachings of various Theravada masters–one of the recurring themes that you see again and again is that in the matter of spiritual enlightenment, do not worry yourself about what others are doing, simply … Continue reading

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In Memory: Frank Buckles

The last American World War I veteran died yesterday, he was one of the three remaining survivors of World War I anywhere in the world. In order to enlist he lied about his age–saying he was 21 when he was … Continue reading

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Boundaries, Part III: Speaking for the Gods

In my first essay on Boundaries I talked about the emotional boundaries between people. My second essay on Boundaries talked about how to react when someone comes up to you claiming to have a message from a deity, or even … Continue reading

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CFS: Northern Tradition Healing Devotional

From Galina Krasskova by way of Elizabeth Vongvisith: Two years ago when a friend was gravely ill, I asked for aid from several of our Healing Goddesses. I promised that in return, I would compile a devotional to Them all. … Continue reading

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As mentioned on facebook, the authors are all right now swamped with issues that take us away from the internet, so we haven’t had a lot of time or energy to devote to writing articles. I’m hoping that will change … Continue reading

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Boundaries II: “I have a message from God…”

This is a revised version of an essay that I put together previously. It is part of a series of essays on proper boundaries between yourself and the world around you and within you. In my last essay on Boundaries … Continue reading

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Review: Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner

This is a revised version of a previously published review. ✭✭✭✬✩ (3.5/5, to quote Daven’s rating system: “Good, there should be more books like this”) Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner: A Book of Prayer, Devotional Practice, and the Nine … Continue reading

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Urdummheit: Primeval Stupidity

This is an adapted and expanded version of an essay I wrote in a personal blog. Recently I learned a new word thanks to the book Exploring the Northern Tradition by Krasskova and Kaldera. Urdummheit: A German word that means–basically–that … Continue reading

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Some More Minor Updates…

Over the past few weeks I’ve done a lot of little tweaks on the back end that hopefully don’t affect the layout, but should make the pages load more quickly and smoothly. Let us know if that is not the … Continue reading

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