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Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy

To many people who were born and raised in the United States religions are viewed as being focused around something that you believe. You believe the correct beliefs, and that is what defines you as a member of that particular … Continue reading

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Finding a Therapist

Recently at the House Kheperu Gather there was a panel on Psychology and Magic. One of the questions put forth by the presenters and then discussed at the end of the presentation was I am a member of an alternative … Continue reading

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May Link Roundup

Some various links of interest: Therioshamanism has a great post up on Wolf and the Environment. On No Unsacred Place Junpier provides an interesting discussion about Bob Parsons’s killing of an elephant. Galina Krasskova has put up a rather interesting … Continue reading

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The Need for Regular Practice

One of the constant challenges in today’s world is finding the time and the space to engage in a regular practice. Yet there is very little–for our spiritual or magical development–that is more critical than finding that time and space. … Continue reading

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Dual Relationships: Romantic Relationships with Clients

This is a revised version of a previously written essay. Paying attention to other ethics codes and looking at the reasons why, the answer to the sex/romantic dual relationship with clients issue can be summarized with a single word: Don’t. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Soul Retrieval, Mending the Fragmented Self

This is a revised version of a previously written book review. Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self by Sandra Ingerman (✭✭✭✭✬, 4.5/5) I decided to read this book after reading Lupa’s book review where she gave it “Five pawprints out … Continue reading

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Charity Criteria

Since in the past few months we’ve had a few different instances where we’ve posted charities on Weaving Wyrd with the tornados in the south and Japanese earthquake and tsunami, I figured I would take a moment to talk about … Continue reading

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Therioshamanism Links

Recently Lupa on Therioshamanism began posting again and in the past few weeks has produced a set of really high quality and thoughtful articles on white, middle-class, American Shamanism, cultural appropriation, and people’s conception of the Natural and the Artificial. … Continue reading

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Review: MoonPhase

MoonPhase iPad/iPhone app from RomanDuck. (✭✭✭✭✬, 4.5/5, version 2.1, $1.99 ) One of the things that comes up frequently when I am working with geomancy, various forms of ceremonial magic, or just trying to schedule Pagan events, I find that … Continue reading

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Huginn, Call for Submissions: The Work

For those interested, Huginn Journal has a Call for Submissions out for their next issue titled The Work. HUGINN is now accepting submissions for the Midsummer 2011 issue. Submissions are due by 1 June 2011. The Midsummer issue will deal … Continue reading

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