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30 Days, Day 3: Beliefs — Deities

What is a deity? That, functionally, is the fundamental question. The Heathen gods do not work in the same way as the Christian God is supposed to work. They are not omnipotent, omniscient, or omnibenevolent. They are not immortal. They … Continue reading

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30 Days, Day 2: Beliefs — Cosmology

As I’ll discuss later, my views on the cosmological layout of the universe are a working model rather than something that I set firmly in stone. So when I say “it is this way” it should be interpreted as “I … Continue reading

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30 Days, Day 1: Beliefs — Why NT Paganism?

The short answer is a bit of a cop-out here: I have been called to it. The longer answer that is less of a cop-out requires a little background. When I was around 8 years old, I asked my parents … Continue reading

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Livejournal/Dreamwidth Syndication

For those who are going to follow us through some of the more common journaling systems, we now have feeds for both Livejournal and Dreamwidth. We also still have our RSS feed for your favorite readers. You can also see … Continue reading

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Finding Time: Prayer and Meditation

One of the challenges in today’s world is finding the time to meditate, finding the time to pray, finding the time to focus. In a world where we are increasingly connected to the world around us by our phones, connected … Continue reading

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Hrafn’s 30 Days of Northern Tradition Paganism

This has been making the rounds on various journals that I follow, so I figured I’d start it here for the month of October. I’ll be covering one a day (or so) until they are done, as sort of a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Weaving Wyrd!

This site is a collaborative effort of several Pagans with varied backgrounds and experience in the Pagan community. We’ll be writing about various topics that interest us that pertain to modern day Paganism and Occultism. Three of the founding authors … Continue reading

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