Weaving Wyrd is a website dedicated to the practical practice of Paganism and Spirit Work in a modern world.

We are a group of occultists and Pagans ranging from a few years experience to several decades of experience. Some of us have been initiated into covens, others have done all of their work outside of initiatory traditions. We come from diverse and varied backgrounds and walk very different paths.

What we share is that we are Pagans and occultists who are trying to hold down jobs, have families, and not just get by but thrive in a world of concrete and steel. A world that through the wonders of technology such as cellphones and the internet is becoming rapidly closer even as we grow farther apart personally, and where it is becoming easier and easier to become distracted and to just let ourselves be swept away by the flow of society.

Our mission here is not to fight that flow, per se, but to learn to stay true to who and what we are while working with it. To embrace both returning to nature, and seeing that nature is all around us just waiting to be remembered.

This is an essay site about our personal journeys, thoughts, and observations. Hopefully you can find something of use here, and be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think.

About the Banner Image

The banner image used for Weaving Wyrd is one taken by Hrafn of Bangkok at night. Bangkok has–like many cities–a living vibrancy and spirit all its own, and seemed appropriate for the theme here.

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