Sex, Death and Transformation: Working with your Ancestors

Questions and answers about ancestor work have been at the forefront this month.

Working with your ancestors can be problematic. The irony of my practice is that while I help other people work with their ancestors to gain insight or help with health issues, I work with a very select few of my own ancestors. I rely on my paternal grandmother most often, with occasional contact with my paternal grandfather.

As I have written before, my family tree  is full of mentally ill, very abusive, rabidly Christian petty criminals. Living or dead, they are people that I would avoid if I met them on the bus. However, sometimes I have to work with ancestors other than my paternal grandparents. Because they know things I don’t. They have answers to questions that I need. But it’s like a wrestling match with a squid covered in radioactive slime.  It’s always a contentious, painful process that exhausts me for days afterward.

I presented at Denver Pagan Pride Day this year. I also attended some other workshops. The best one I attended was “Working with Ancestors with Strider”.  A Celtic Reconstructionist, he also works with his ancestors, but his relationship with them, while occasionally painful, is warm and friendly. From his stories, he believes that they are the most responsive to his mundane needs and most supportive of  his spiritual journey.

And I had an envy moment. It sounded so…nice.

So I am resolved to work with my ancestors to make the relationships less painful.

Your mileage will most certainly vary.



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