Sex, Death and Transformation: Komen Denver Race for the Cure

For the month of October, I’m going to write about topics dealing with sex, death and transformation.

One of my “people”  was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. My people are my heart family, the people that have become part of my community. The company we work for sponsored a team for the Komen 5K walk. I joined to be supportive of my people.

I heard amazing and profound stories from survivors and their families on the train back and forth to the walk. One woman was transforming her body image after a double mastectomy. One man was just happy that his daughter was going to live. Several women were glad they were seeing another day. Some people were in tears in remembrance of their loved ones that had passed. Thousands of people, either running, walking, or waving from the sidelines, had the same intent for 4 hours, to eradicate breast cancer.

It was a powerful example of transformation, personal and societal. This is not an event I would have normally attended. I am very uncomfortable in large crowds of people and there were thousands of people out walking this morning. However, despite the huge waves of painful emotion and the physical protests of my arthritic hips and lower back, I am glad I did.

Your mileage will most certainly vary.


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