Sex, Death and Tranformation: I’ve been Pagan longer than you’ve been alive…

I’ve been pagan for 25 years.I became pagan because I had an epiphany about how I could be responsible for my own happiness.

I was an angry young pagan for a long time. Christians and Judeo-Christian culture were the roots of all evil. But as I made decisions to move toward a healthier me, I stopped being angry.

Tonight, I stopped at McDonald’s on Colfax not far from my house to grab some dinner on my way to pay my rent. I hate trying to eat in my car. I end up wearing more of my food than I eat, so I tend to dine in if I have time.  I was just finishing up when a young woman asked if she could sit with me. I said okay.

Now, while Colfax is described is the most wicked street in America, in my experience there are more religious minded people on that street than any other.  This lovely young woman opened the conversation with, “I’ve never done this before, but I felt drawn to come sit with you. Do you believe in God?”

I had to laugh. Not because I was making fun of her, but out of all the people she could have chosen to ask about God, she asked the polytheist.  I was nice though and told her I was pagan and had been for 25 years, so I believed in many gods. She then exclaimed, “Wow, that’s longer than I am old!”

We talked about her relationship with her deity of choice and how much more she loved the world and all the things in it now that she was a Christian. She assumed I didn’t have a personal connection to the universe. That’s a common assumption and I let it go by.  Then she offered to pray for me and I said okay, because positive energy is positive energy.

I realized while I was talking to this bright, lovely young woman, that our depth of faith was similar. It was only what we had faith in that was different.  And I realized all the vestiges of angry had been transformed.

Your mileage will most certainly vary.

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2 Responses to Sex, Death and Tranformation: I’ve been Pagan longer than you’ve been alive…

  1. R Skye says:

    This. Right here, so very this. I have seen the very angry pagans (you can’t swing a staff on Tumblr without hitting at least three) and I was one as well. And, like you, I’ve been practising since before they were born – but I just don’t have the rage to fight it anymore. Maybe through discussion they’ll learn something, or I will, or we both will. Or maybe after a few comments I realise they’re still in angry mode and, because I’m no longer feeling like I need to prove Someone Is Wrong On The Internet I can just roll on. That feels like I’ve reached a milestone: I’m okay, You’re okay, let’s just do our thing. It’s cool.

    I’ve had the pleasure of having a rap-session with some gnostic Christians and I confessed to them if I had known such a thing even existed I would have stayed Christian. He smiled and said “But your life is just as rich now, we’re kin.” And that’s true.

    That’s true.

  2. Piper says:

    Yes. Our lives are just as rich now. And we can be happy about it.

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