Engaging the World

The beginning steps of  energy work and spirit work are internal work.

Through trial or trauma, we decide to engage that shadow us that Jung wrote about; that wounded, scarred, arrested development, rage-filled, frightened, broken person that lives inside of us. We make choices to heal that person, accept them as part of us and use that healing and acceptance to make us stronger.

Some people never move past that. And to be honest, moving past that is a scary prospect. Because using that internal knowledge in the outside world means trusting and caring on a level that we are socialized not to. Using that internal knowledge in the outside world means risking ridicule, betrayal, pain, burn out or even death.

So why would anyone in his or her right mind want to move beyond that?

Because if we believe that everything is connected, then you engage in the world with every breath, every thought, every breath. We can take that light we have created from darkness and hold it up for our sisters and brothers.

“Give light and people will find the way. ” Ella Baker

Your mileage will most certainly vary.


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