June Link Roundup

  • Cat on Quaker Pagan Reflections wrote a really interesting and insightful article on pagan values and the Affordable Care Act.
  • Blue Flame Magick has posted an essay titled Welcome to Your Mind (Part I) based on a workshop that he presented with a friend that I was at. It was a really excellent workshop, and the series looks like it will be a really excellent discussion of what was covered there. The author (who is a Tibetan Buddhist) has also opened up an online store selling malas and pendants.
  • Naya Aerodiode on The Silver Spiral has written an excellent essay about modesty among pagans, titled Ye shall be naked in your rites…
  • Lupa has written a great essay on Taking the Plants and Fungi for Granted. This is a topic that deserves consideration, especially since we are finding out that the lives and natures of plants and fungi are much more complex than we ever previously considered.
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