Colorado Wildfires

For those following the fires:

1) Don’t repeat anything or share anything you have not validated. One of the biggest problems in situations like this one is fearmongering and misinformation from people who mean well but haven’t validated what they are hearing.

2) If you are in the line of a fire, prepare ahead when you are asked to evacuate if you are able to do so. If it is not within your means, see if you can get assistance. At a minimum, plan what you will take.
2a) Some things to take that people don’t always think about a) Contact information for your insurance company b) Your birth certificate/passport c) Backup hard drives (if you use them) and/or get a remote offsite backup c) Photographs d) at least (but probably not significantly more than) 3 changes of clothes.

3) Check out Help Colorado Now for those wanting to help. They have links to some of the organizations responding and talk about what forms of aid are acceptable. You can call 1-866-485-0211 to see what agencies are active in CO right now. This is a rapidly changing list, and they are posting to reputable charities.

Some of the major ones (designate to the High Park Fire):

Our thoughts go out to those who are being impacted right now.

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