Physical Practice as Part of Energy Work

I practice yoga.

I realize it’s not a very Nordic thing to do, but yoga has the advantages of being low impact, meditative and something that I can do alone. Yoga makes me aware of my energetic body. And as the teacher says on my favorite tape, “If you can learn to relax at will, you can learn to be in control of your energy, and you can put it wherever you want to, whenever you want to.”

Energetic body awareness is critical for competent energy work. If you don’t understand how your energy works, you are going to have a even harder time understanding the energy issues of a client.

But you don’t have to do yoga to increase energetic body awareness. Martial arts, stav (which looks like a combination of yoga with rune postures in some videos, I’m still looking in to this one), jogging, walking, swimming, literally any practice where you are following the flow of energy through your body with your mind’s eye will increase your energetic body awareness, and therefore strengthen your energy work practice.

Your mileage will most certainly vary.

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