January Charity The Berkeley Colony

From my wonderful friend Laken Steeljaw, child of Hyena Mother.

UC Berkeley is home to a unique research facility that houses a colony of captive Spotted Hyenas (Crocuta crocuta). Scientists at the facility have made many discoveries during their work, and revealed the species’ intelligence, complex social structure and verbal communication.Unfortunately, the Colony has lost its funding, and will be shutting down in only a few weeks. While many of the animals have been place in zoos and sanctuaries, many still don’t have a place to go. Those animals that are not placed by the time the facility closes will be put to sleep.

A group of dedicated folks have taken up a collection for the Colony, to attempt to keep it open long enough to place all the hyenas in homes that can properly care for them. Donations of any size, suggestions of zoos and sanctuaries that can take the animals and spreading the word can help save these animals. If you can, please consider lending a hand to save a life!

For more information, as well as links to charity auctions to benefit the Hyenas, follow @HyenaSanctuary on Twitter and visit http://hyenasanctuary.tumblr.com/.

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