Using Seidr for Healing

There are many instances in the sagas of people healing with a combination of herbs and holding on to the wound with their hands to cure. From personal work and experience, there is usually some sort of energy transfer in that process.

Whether or not this is seidr is an argument for those people that are interested in nitpicking the sources and “proving” it. For me, since the technique was taught to me by my deities of choice, Freya and Odin, seidworkers, I’ll assume that’s what it is. But no matter what it is called, it works.

I use seidr to determine if someone has lost a piece of themselves or picked up something that wasn’t theirs. That is a more shamanic way of thinking about disease and injury, but I find it works very well.

This entails “sniffing” or scanning the person’s physical body or lich  and energetic bodies:  hame; astral or air, litr; energy or fire, vili;will or earth, mod; emotional or water and gothi; spiritual or higher self, and with the help of the client,  determine what parts are missing, what parts are extra, and what parts aren’t working. I use the names given to these energies by Raven Kaldera for his soul reading map, they work very well.

Once the issue is diagnosed, it is my job to talk to the client to understand whether or not they want the issue changed. Some people get rid of pieces that no longer serve them or are linked to trauma, and some people pick up other energies to help them. If it is something they want changed, then I help them change it.

Then I’m using the journeying component of seidr to either take them where they left their piece or to find and help them remove the piece that isn’t theirs. I will also take them through their physical and energetic bodies so that they can change how their energy flows. It is very important to take the client with me. If I were to go in and “fix” things without their help, that issue will just return. This can also be done with their spirit guide,fetch, fylgja or family disir. In those cases, I just help them call their spirit helper, and make sure they get back safely.

I have picked up different techniques from ceremonial magic, Wicca, Saami and Siberian shamanism, Inuit shamanism, Northern European spirit work, the sagas, the Kalevala as well as deity taught seidr. Since most of my  paragraphs have ended, “work very well”, you’ve probably picked up that I care about what works. I don’t care about scholarly purity, I care about what will help a client fix an issue.

Your mileage will most certainly vary.


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