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What Are You Doing Now?

One thing I frequently come across when looking through various Pagan, otherkin, occultism, etc resources are some pretty extraordinary claims about what people are, their past, etc. For example: The Elenari claim to be elves from distant worlds with an … Continue reading

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Using Seidr for Healing

There are many instances in the sagas of people healing with a combination of herbs and holding on to the wound with their hands to cure. From personal work and experience, there is usually some sort of energy transfer in … Continue reading

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Urban Roots

Our version of North European practice is influenced by our culture, American virtues and values. For instance, instead of a movement away from the negative aspects of civilization, we could and should work to change those aspects to positives. One … Continue reading

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Another Icelandic Perspective

I really look forward to Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried’s interviews of practitioners in Iceland. They clear my spiritual palate, so to speak, and refresh my faith in my faith. His latest interview was with Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson of the … Continue reading

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[Admin] Updated

The software running Weaving Wyrd has been updated. As always, let us know if you experience any weirdness. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

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June Link Roundup

Various links of interest from around the web: There’s an incredibly insightful article on Barking Shaman on issues of consent in Neopagan communities. This has been a longstanding issue in the Neopagan community (see our essays on boundaries and professionalism), … Continue reading

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