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[Admin] Minor Tweaks

A couple of things: I’ve made a few minor tweaks around the site and upgraded our content manager and theme, so let us know if you have any problems. We’ve added a twitter feed so that we can make comments/referrals … Continue reading

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Charities Engaged in the South: Tornado Relief

Following the spree of tornadoes killing potentially 350 or more people in the southern United States as part of the 2011 super outbreak of tornadoes. These are some of the charity organizations I know are engaged in helping in the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Journeying, Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet

This is a revised version of a previously written book review. Journeying : Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet by Jeannette M. Gagan (✭✭✭✬✩, 3.5/5) One of the key areas of interest to a lot of spirit workers, myself included, is … Continue reading

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Reflections on Earth Day, 2011

I remember when I was very young Earth Day being something of a big thing at my school. We’d go plant trees, have talks about helping the environment, and a long list of other things along those lines. As I … Continue reading

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Are We Professionals?

One of the key questions in the matter of professionalism is whether having these discussions is even necessary. Are we actually acting in a professional capacity, one where we need to be talking about a professional ethics? For many people … Continue reading

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Dual Relationships and Ethics

This is a revised version of an essay that I have previously written. As members of a profession that takes clients we frequently run into one of the pitfalls of other such professions: having more than one kind of relationship … Continue reading

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No Unsacred Place

I’ve recently added the new blog No Unsacred Place to our blogroll here. Part of the Pagan Newswire Collective, No Unsacred Place explores the relationships between religion and science, nature and civilization from a diversity of modern Pagan perspectives. The … Continue reading

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This is a revised and expanded version of an essay I have written previously One thing that I believe we as Spirit Workers need to be discussing in more depth is the nature of working with clients in a modern … Continue reading

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Ethics in Divination: Health

In John Michael Greer’s The Art and Practice of Geomancy one of the topics is something that has deeply concerned me in the Neopagan community for quite some time. Many diviners get asked to do divinations for health. Raven Kaldera … Continue reading

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Call For Submissions – Ancestor Veneration Anthology

Picked up from Syncretic Mystic: Asphodel Press Working Title: Calls to Our Ancestors Description: An anthology of prayers, poems, devotional pieces, essays, personal experience, and/or artwork in honor of our Ancestors. This anthology draws from a variety of sources and … Continue reading

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