Tangling with Metal Tigers: Energy Work in the Concrete Jungle

Last Friday I was invited to a birthday celebration at the VIP section of a popular downtown nightclub. I do not go to nightclubs as a rule, mainly because I do not find much stimulation in going to hang out with people in a location that largely prohibits conversation. I did decide to take this invitation up, for the two main goals of moving out of my comfort zone socially, as well as energetically. That night, I would put my energy work, empathy, glamour awareness and trancework to the test.

Rationale Before the Plunge

There are many reasons why energy and spirit workers should endeavor to go to a foreign environment to test out their skills. The first and foremost is getting out of the sterile environment that we usually practice our skills. Nine times out of ten, the place where I’m doing my energy work is either at a place that I’ve personally warded and protected (home or work) or a friend’s place that has done the same amount of warding and protections, if not more. This creates a safe place to work and learn new techniques, but the environment itself is very sterile, free of many entities and influences that we would normally see in the wild.

The second reason is to become aware and used to physical distractions, such as unfamiliar sensory information (sight, smell, sounds) or abrupt interaction between you and another physical entity, such as a friend, stranger, or animal. The reasoning behind this is that you might be called to do energy work with any and all of the above distractions, and you need to safely initiate, perform, and ground yourself properly in this environment.

Dangers of the Unclean Waters

Note that while this type of practice will push you out of your comfort zone, there are some risks and necessary precautions to keep in mind at all times before doing spirit work out and about.

  • Under no circumstances should you leave yourself without a shield. Any practice with shield work should apply the shields in layers, do not drop one shield and then apply the second.
  • Do not underestimate the power of location. Always leave yourself an out for if you get uncomfortable, such as a good place to ground, an outside area, or a less crowded section of the establishment. If things do not improve with a standard self-check and a ground/center, contact a friend and/or leave immediately.
  • Bring a friend or group to do the work with, these should be people who also do energy work. You can keep tabs on each other, help ground if necessary, and be each other’s sounding boards if the objective is energy sensing.

Sensing the Swimming Tigers

Energy work out in the field can be an exhilarating experience, since you can try out many techniques and get different results than you normally would in a sterile bubble. The club excursion in itself allowed me to sense/practice the following skills:

  • Basic grounding/centering/shielding, both in a non-protected and protected space.
  • Effects of alcohol on maintaining personal and empathic shields. This one was an overwhelming success, as I was of an even keel energetically through the night.
  • Detecting and deflecting glamour effects. I did have glamour directly used on me, and while I was able to have a very intriguing conversation, I also kept an even keel and was able to deflect the effects.
  • Sensing energy dynamics within small and large groups. I could sense dynamics between people in small groups, as well as look across a sea of people and sense where the energy was flowing.
  • Trance music and its effect on easily entering a trance state. I was in a trance state for the majority of the evening, but the trance state was more of a programming/logical nature since the music is also what I work to. This allowed me to be in a light trance, still in control of my actions and cognizant of my surroundings, but more attuned energetically. I did not attempt to journey in such a space, since I would rather do such with at least one spirit worker in the party to pull me back or protect me in case something happened. There were many others there that were in a deep trance state, which was very interesting to watch.

A Refreshing Dip

The amount of practice, experience, and feedback that I got in one night of experimenting in a foreign environment  is the equivalent of many nights practicing alone or in a sterile environment. I strongly encourage energy and spirit workers of any experience level to go out there and try their techniques in new environments. This experience is invaluable, since you will never know where and when you will be called to put your tools to the ultimate test.

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