Love on Valentine’s Day: Dedicated to Freyja

We try to tame love

With romance and marriage and Valentine’s Day

To make it treacly sweet, palatable, acceptable

To channel love to safety through love of family, love of god, love of country

But love will not be denied that way

Love is wild

The Mr. Hyde to society’s Dr. Jekyll

Men and women will kill for it, die for it

Will do anything or anyone

For that euphoria, that connection

That thrill of skin on skin, lips on lips

For love

Our ancestors knew love was fierce

Look at their goddesses of love

Aphrodite, Ishtar, Freyja

Aphrodite launched a thousand ships

Wiped out a genration of heroes

For love

Ishtar threatened her own father with violence if he did not give her the Bull of Heaven

To punish Gilgamesh for spurning her

For love

Freyja compelled men to return from the dead

To fight one another in endless battle

For love

So on this day of insipid platitudes and commercial overkill and self-esteem killing comparisons to those that are in relationships,

Let us lift a glass to real love

That savage beast that lives in the heart

That passionate madness

To Love

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