CFS: Northern Tradition Healing Devotional

From Galina Krasskova by way of Elizabeth Vongvisith:

Two years ago when a friend was gravely ill, I asked for aid from several of our Healing Goddesses. I promised that in return, I would compile a devotional to Them all. So this is, in part, fulfillment of that vow.

I am putting together a devotional to the following Deities:

Mengloth and Her maidens (Hlif, Hlifthrasa, Thjodvara, Bleik, Bjort, Blith, Frith, Aurboda)
Early Germanic Goddesses: Alateivia, Arvolecia, Sulis

I will consider material for other Norse/Germanic Deities provided that the material focuses around healing.

I don’t have a working title yet and I’m setting the deadline for September 30, 2011.

I’m looking for articles, essays, poems, prayers, recipes, even black and white images. Whatever folks feel moved to contribute.

All proceeds from this book will be donated to a charity. I’m torn between several and will probably divine on it before the book goes to press (Doctors without Borders is very high on the list).

All contributors will receive a copy of the finished devotional as payment.

Anyone interested in contributing should contact me at tamyris at

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