Pathworking: Journey to the Plane of Water

Ground, center, and go to your room.

On the western wall of your room you notice a door. Opening the door, you see out over a creek running by just past the doorway. The water is clear and relatively shallow at the edge, but appears to get deeper toward the center. The stones in the creek are smooth and slightly green. On the opposite bank there are trees and you can hear the chitter of birds.

You step forward. The water is cold but not uncomfortable to the touch as you slide your feet into it and the smell is clean and cool. You slide the rest of the way into the water, treading out to the deeper waters in the center of the creek.

As you move with the creek you can feel that the water is cleansing to the touch. It washes away the dirt and the concerns from the day and carries them away.

Eventually the creek connects up with a great river. You move out into the river and move with it. As you travel south you can see the rich, black soil of farmland to either side of the river, made fertile from the river’s periodic overflowing.

On the banks you can see people fishing in the river, trying to catch a meal for their families. Above pelicans scan the water for easy meals. Here and there you can see animals come to the river to drink.

Slowly the pace of the water picks up, and you find yourself moving through green wetlands on either side of the river. The water here is warmer, very deep, and the river is opaque from the rich sediment. Birds and other animals continue to look for fish in the river, and you can see how everything around is dependent in some way on the river’s presence.

Then, almost suddenly, you find yourself being pushed out of the mouth of the river into the ocean. The water smells of salt spray and the is warm from the sun. Dipping under the water, you can hear whalesong in the distance.

You travel further out into the waters and let the currents carry you deeper. You find yourself traveling along a coral wall, with the intricate structure of coral and sea fans on one side and an infinite blue expanse on the other. The water gets darker and darker as you go down, and certain colors of light start to fade.

The water gets colder as well, and down here you find yourself contemplating the unpleasant emotions that we deal with in our lives. These are neither good nor bad–they serve a purpose in our lives–but we tend to want to bury them deep beneath the surface and not let others see them. So we hide them down here, hoping that they will just go away.

Here they remain.

Yet even amongst this darkness, there is still life. It swims around you and beneath you, down even further into the depths. Deep water corals replace the warm water corals, and fish sometimes bring their own lights rather than depending on the sun, but still they thrive and live on here.

Slowly, following the current, you start to work your way back up to the surface. You find that the current has brought you far out to sea, but not far from where you surface there is a rocky island with rich green foliage. Climbing up out of the water, you feel the warm sand underneath you and again smell the salt of the sea.

Two women approach you carrying a chest between them. These are undines–spirits of water–and in the chest are various items that you recognize as representing water in its various forms. They bid you to take an item from the chest to remind you of your journey here.

Once you have made your selection, they bid you farewell. As they turn to leave you stop them, wondering how you are supposed to get back. They seem puzzled, and say with the clouds, of course.

One of them steps up to you and takes your hands. She seems to start turning translucent and mislike. Looking down, you see that you are as well, and you both start to evaporate and move up to the clouds.

You follow a current of air with the clouds–over the ocean and the coast–until you see the creek where you started far beneath you. You start to fall to the earth in the form of rain, coalescing into a solid being once you hit the ground.

Finding your door, you step through it back into your room.

When you are ready open your eyes relaxed and refreshed.

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