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On the occasion of the First Snow of the Season

The Lord of Winter came to me and loved me and gifted me with  snow… I have a conflicted relationship with winter. As a child, I grew up in NW Montana, where it is grey most of the winter, snowfall … Continue reading

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Basic Elemental Pathworkings

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be preparing a series of basic pathworkings that can help teach basic elemental work, along with techniques such as grounding, centering, and constructing your own space. This is part of my … Continue reading

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Energy Work 101 – Grounding

Energy Work 101 is a series of articles designed to instruct beginners in techniques for responsible use of energy. Grounding – Theory Grounding is the process of balancing and equalizing the energy within a body, ridding it of negative energies … Continue reading

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30 Days, Day 11: On Urban Spirit Work

This is a revised version of an earlier essay I’ve written. Reposting here as part of my 30 days since it remains extremely central to who and what I am and what I am doing, especially with Weaving Wyrd. One … Continue reading

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Politics is always a sticky subject. I’ve found that I can agree with someone in the entirety on virtually every issue and still end up voting for the exact opposite candidate because I believe that they are closer to realizing … Continue reading

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The Nonpublic Public Group

One of my issues with many Pagan groups is the mixed message they send on public presence. Some groups have a highly obfuscated public presence. They run open classes, do workshops, and hold regularly scheduled public rituals several times a … Continue reading

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A Note To Spammers

Since I’ve seen a sudden increase in attempts to spam this site, I’m writing a note on what we do to protect against spammers. I don’t think any of the spammers read this site before sending their automated bots, but … Continue reading

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In the Frustrating Season…

Politics is not one of my many personal foci. I am a social liberal(very liberal) and a fiscal liberal to moderate(I’d like some accountability for where my tax money goes, thanks!) I find the mudslinging, dirt digging, stump shouting of … Continue reading

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30 Days, Day 10: Taking Action

One of the common things that I see on Neopagan mailing lists and in Neopagan circles is a call for energy where someone asks for energy either on their own or someone else’s behalf. We see similar things in people … Continue reading

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30 Days, Day 9: Beliefs -– Holidays/Wheel of the Year

I have never been a big holiday person. I am the kind of person who winces slightly when I see holiday decorations going in months early, and while I may look forward to a specific ritual, it tends to be … Continue reading

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