Pathworking: Journey to the Plane of Fire

Ground, center, and go to your room.

On the southern wall of your room you notice an alcove. In it lies a single candle and on the ground just outside of the alcove is a small stool. You sit on the stool and focus on the candle, feeling its light and its warmth and reflect on how there was a time when people would read by just this light.

As you sit there, contemplating, you feel as if you are absorbed by the candle’s flame. It wicks away those surface doubts and concerns that plague us through our day and distract us from what we are doing.

You look around, and notice that you are no longer in your room or in the candle’s flame. You are sitting at a small camp fire in a forest. Dinner is cooking over it and the smell is delightful. There are a few others sitting around the fire, each waiting for the meal to finish up.

Staring at the fire, you feel its warmth envelope you, and you feel yourself drift back into the fire, feeling the tension and stress you’ve been carrying with you fade away. You let the fire absorb you, basking in its warmth.

When you look around again, you see that you are no longer sitting in front of a small camp fire but a huge bonfire. A man in a leopard mask moves gracefully around the bonfire, telling a story about how cats came into the world as the drums continue in the background. Around the outskirts you see people dancing, their bodies moving with the rhythm.

The man glances at you and you can see the eyes wink before he continues the story. This is the Lord of Fire, and he is here to observe and to guide.

You look around you again and see the world consumed in flames. The heat is incredible, and you realize that you are in the middle of a forest fire. Yet even in the devastation, you can see the pathways opening up for new growth. Where the fire clears and cleanses, you can see new life springing forth and moving in.

The fire clears past you, and looking around you can see in the distance the volcano that started the fire. Lava slowly coursing down its sides until it reaches the ground where the trees used to be.

Stepping out of the fire you see two individuals approach with a box between them. Inside are various things that you recognize as being symbols of the plane of fire. You take one as a reminder, and then–without fear–walk back into the edge of the forest’s flames, close your eyes, and let them envelop you.

When you open your eyes you see that you are back in your room, sitting on the stool in front of a burning candle. Everything is around you just as you left it, but in your hand is the object you selected from the box.

When you are ready open your eyes relaxed and refreshed.

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