Pathworking: Journey to the Plane of Air

Ground, center, and go to your room.

On the eastern wall of the room you notice a window, approaching it, you can see out into the vast open sky. Blue reaching out infinitely, with the barest wisps of clouds in the distance.

You open the window, feeling a gentle breeze wash over you. It is a steady, cool, calm breeze. Refreshing and invigorating, but at the same time you can feel the quiet strength behind it.

Stepping up on to the ledge of the window, you pause for a moment to appreciate the breeze. You notice, flying high above you, a large eagle circling lazily in the sky. This is the Lord of Air, come to see you off on your journey and guide you through His domain. He flies down, glancing at you to ask you to follow him before heading off to the east.

You take a step to follow and find yourself flying. You can see the infinite blue expanse all around you and far, far below you can see the ground. The wind surrounds, envelops, and guides you as you take off racing after the Lord of Air. Feel, as you journey, what the wind feels like against your skin and as it runs through your hair.

You look to see where you are going and see yourself rapidly approaching a desert. The air here is hot, dry, and strips your skin clean of the dirt, sweat, and impurities that build up and accumulate throughout the day. Underlying it all you can feel the same strength, the same power that you felt in the breezes before.

The eagle leads you from the desert out into the ocean. Beneath you there is a shoreline which rapidly diminishes as you fly farther and farther out. The air here is a warm ocean’s breeze that smells strongly of salt. Underneath you can feel that same strength, the same power that you felt in the wind before.

From here you can feel the winds increasing and the see the clouds darkening. The water becomes increasingly choppy as you fly. Dauntless, the lord of air continues to fly forward into the storm and you follow, knowing that he would not lead you astray on your journey this day. The winds pick up further, stronger, with cross winds flying all about. The wind rips from you your doubts and fears, forcing you to remain perfectly in the present moment.

Then, suddenly, they stop. You find yourself in the center of the storm. The air here is calm and still. The lord of air, almost lazily, takes you up above the storm. Beneath you lies the hurricane in all of its majesty, reaching out for miles. You can see despite the evident chaos of the storm from the inside, it comes together to form an ordered spiral. Underneath it all you can recognize the same structured power that you felt before, just in an amplified form.

The eagle continues by leading you to the north. The air starts to turn cold and crisp as he leads you over rocky land. In the distance you can see snow falling from clouds, but here the sky is clear as night begins to set and the stars become visible above. The cold touches your determination and resolve, prodding you forward.

Then, finally, the Lord of Air leads you to a cliff face. Here you land and see a cave in front of you.

Two guardians come out to greet you. Between them they carry a box filled with various things that represent Air. Take a moment and pick one that best signifies Air to you and keep it. It will go in your room as a reminder of your journey.

When you have made your selection you turn to the eagle and he takes off as you feel him beckoning for you to follow him. He takes you back over the cold rocky shore, back over the top of the hurricane far below you, back over the warm ocean and the desert, back over the plains… Then, finally, he takes you back to your window and bids you farewell.

You enter your room and find a place for what you have brought back. Sit in your chair and, when you are ready, open your eyes relaxed and refreshed.

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