Basic Elemental Pathworkings

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be preparing a series of basic pathworkings that can help teach basic elemental work, along with techniques such as grounding, centering, and constructing your own space. This is part of my own work in developing a public curriculum, and so feedback is most appreciated ^_^

Pathworkings are a specific kind of guided meditation that are designed to help the participants fulfill a goal. They are designed for group work, but can be done individually either by reading along and following (more difficult) or by reading for yourself to make a recording, which you then use to take yourself through the pathworking. Most will probably find it easiest to find a parter to work with or to record themselves speaking.

These pathworkings will be published at the rate of one per week until the basic course is completed, using the system of elements most common in modern pagan systems (rather than using Norse or Celtic specific systems). It will cover the following topics:

  1. Constructing your own space, grounding, and centering
  2. Air
  3. Fire
  4. Water
  5. Earth

These should all be fairly short pathworkings, and we’ll group then under the tag elements.

Before doing each pathworking, it is useful to sit down and do a basic table of associations. Some of the questions you might ask:

  • What kinds of rocks and minerals do associate with X?
  • What colors?
  • What tools?
  • What gods and goddesses?
  • What runes?
  • What astrological signs?
  • What time of day?
  • Which direction?

There aren’t many right or wrong answers here for the solitary practitioner–it is based around what works for you–though there are some norms that groups tend to establish or base themselves off of (fluorite is an air stone, scorpio is a water sign, etc). If you do want to work with a group–even at a public ritual–then after compiling your answers look up that group and see what associations they use. A lot of this is so that when someone walks over to the west wearing a dark blue sash and calls forth Necksa everyone in the room knows exactly what they are doing and attunes their thoughts accordingly.

Regardless of whether you work with a group, the more time spent considering these questions and thinking about them, the smoother and more productive the trip to the elemental pathworkings are going to be.

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