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One of the problems I have traditionally seen in sites like this one, that tread the border between blogs and essay sites is a matter of post frequency. Frequently we will see things such as a burst of activity followed by nothing for weeks or even months, especially if it is around a busy season for the individual author(s). There are myriad reasons for this occurring, but unfortunately it leaves the readers with no idea whether the blog is dead, whether the authors are coming back, or when/if they might expect normal posting to resume.

I am using this blog as an opportunity to break that cycle, at least for me personally. This is part of why I asked a few other authors who I shared a reader-base with to join me in this endeavor. With more authors in one place, we can even out the post counts slightly so that there is less of a gap between posts. It also gives us more room to play off of one another in our replies, and more room to solicit guest articles from other authors in the future. It also means that people who are interested in the topic can find us more easily, and that people who were following our individual (and less frequently updated) blogs only had one site to check instead of three.

Another piece that I am going to be working on is that there will always be at least one on-topic non-administrative post a week. We may have hiatuses in the future, which will be announced in advance to the degree possible, but barring unusual circumstances we should always have at least one post a week. That way, when we do have a burst of activity, we’ll always return to a baseline of a post-a-week instead of to zero posts.

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