In Memory: Spirit Day and Bullying

Justin Aaberg, 15 (July 9th)
Cody Barker, 17 (September 13th)
Asher Brown, 13 (September 23rd)
Raymond Chase, 19 (September 29th)
Tyler Clementi, 18 (September 22nd)
Billy Lucas, 15 (September 9th)
Seth Walsh, 13 (September 26th)

…and for all those whose names we may never know.

In Memory

There is a deeper issue in the US of bullying in school that these incidents have been bringing more into the news. Bullying is not something that we should just accept, it is not something that builds character and, simply, it needs to stop.

CNN’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up

HRSA’s Stop Bullying Now!

The It Gets Better Project

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