A Note To Spammers

Since I’ve seen a sudden increase in attempts to spam this site, I’m writing a note on what we do to protect against spammers. I don’t think any of the spammers read this site before sending their automated bots, but just in case, here you go.

  • There are safeguards in place to help prevent automated spam systems from being able to post. These don’t impact normal posters, but do impact software which scans for wordpress-powered blogs.
  • All comments on this site require approval. So even if you get through the first tier of protection, you then have to get past a human. We don’t just automatically approve every “usfil blog, thx” post, especially if it links to a spam site.
  • All comments, as per standard practice these days, get a nofollow tag. So even if your comment gets through with the link in place, you won’t help yourself with SEO.

We also use a captcha on our comments page, though I’ve been hesitant to include one for posting comments to entries.

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